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-Jayne Farleigh (local)

Jayne Farleigh was born in Watford in 1978 and moved to Devon with her family when she was a child. She considers herself very fortunate to live in such a beautiful and inspiring area. Jayne has always painted and, despite initially pursuing a different career, she has held a life-long ambition to become an artist. This came to fruition after having her first child. Over the last eight years Jayne has been developing her own style and creating a portfolio of work featuring local landscapes and wildlife. She is a member of the Wildlife Art Society International based in Gloucester.

Jayne now works from her studio in South Devon, she has had her own solo exhibitions and has also promoted her work through local art groups and online as well as donating paintings to charitable causes. In recent years she has gained more recognition and has collectors both in the UK and overseas. Jayne paints in acrylics and on canvas board. She likes to work quickly and loves the range of vibrant colours together with texture that can be achieved.

“When I paint an animal, I am looking to express something beautiful about that creature. I want to take their shape and form, highlighting something unique about the way that animal might move. I want to convey a particular behaviour that is either typical or perhaps something that would often go unnoticed.” “Recently I have had a fascination with the way in which animals and birds spend time under water. I love the way that fur folds and flows, moving in waves as the water moves. Animals that dive and swim under the water, also have trapped air in their fur and feathers and they release air slowly from their lungs. This produces bubbles which dance and catch the light and these are a joy to paint. There is a real sense of peace underwater as anyone who spends time swimming or diving knows and I hope to capture that in my paintings.”