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-Kris Cooper (local)

In the 1960's Kris moved away from rural Warwickshire to live in East Devon and spent several years working in interior design, enabling him to exhibit his artwork throughout the South West.

With changing family commitments he returned to Warwickshire and pursued a career in Landscape design and horticultural engineering, with his passion for art still prominent, working in theatre in his spare time designing huge backdrops to various plays, pantomime and comedies. For several years he has been chairman of the Hampton-in-Arden Art, Photography and Craft Exhibition; a member of the Knowle Art Group; and Solihull Society of Arts and has also participated in Warwickshire Open Studios. Over the past 10 years Kris has raised thousands of pounds for local charities with his Christmas cards distributed all over the world.

Now retired he has more time for his photography and writing poetry, very often an inspiring useful tool for his artwork. Kris spends more time now with his children in Devon and is presently exhibiting at the South Gate Gallery in Exeter.

Subjects for his art are always interesting in that they tell a story in a simple graphite drawing with subtle light and dark shadows as a backdrop and with the subject highlighted in a strong colour in collage giving a three dimensional affect encouraging the viewers eye into the story.