Glass is glass is glass - right? Wrong, conservation picture framing needs more than just plain old glass.

We offer four main types of glass and a variety of other specialised glass or acrylic as required.

Four main options:

  • 2mm float glass – inexpensive top-quality float glass
  • Anti-reflective glass – reduces reflections to less than 1% and provides a 70% protection against ultraviolet light (ultraviolet light is one of the most dangerous elements your artwork can encounter. It will fade your colours, bleach your photographs and in a very short time it will start to destroy the very materials themselves)
  • Conservation glass – provides the highest level of protection against ultraviolet light, blocks 98% of ultraviolet light rays. Used where reflection free viewing is not essential.
  • Museum glass – anti-reflective and conservation grade ultraviolet protection. Reduces reflections to less than 1% and blocks 98% of ultraviolet rays.

Other options include laminated glass and high quality clear scratch resistant acrylic (useful where there are concerns about the possibility of glass being broken) and diffused glass (this is acid etched to give a non-glare finish).