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Paul Gough

Autumn Time Is Here

Autumn Time Is Here

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Title: Autumn Time Is Here

Artist: Paul Gough

Size: 50cm x 50cm (54cm x 54cm Framed)

Type: Original

Subject: Countryside

Medium: Acrylic

Mounted: No

Framed: Yes



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Paul Gough

My initial interest in art started when I attended Essex University as a mature student between 1980-3, and studied for an honours degree in Art History. That wonderful time at the University of Essex gave me the opportunity to learn something about the ‘Story of Art’.

I have been painting for about 12 years, and I use mainly acrylic media to express my work. The quick drying time, and the things you can add to it, make it a perfect medium for me.

My current work is quite figurative and I have tried to instil a sense of mystery in some of the scenes. There are no people in the paintings because I want the viewer to be that human presence, and possibly round the corner with me.