Framing In Exeter

Here at South Gate Gallery we offer a friendly, welcoming and helpful bespoke framing service.  With our experience we are able to advise you aesthetically and practically to both enhance your artwork and house it safely.  Whether you're looking for guidance or know what you want we have a wide range of mounts and mouldings to choose from along with the equipment and knowledge to realise your vision.

  • Framing | South Gate Gallery Exeter Devon


    We have a large selection of pre-finished profiles, including but not limited to:

    • Classic
    • Modern
    • Box Frames
    • Tray Frames
    • Slips
    • Aluminium
    • Oak, Ash and Beech

    Plain wood mouldings can also be hand finished in a variety of ways.  Solid paint effects, colour washes and waxing in colour or lime.

  • Framing | South Gate Gallery Exeter Devon


    We use the highest quality conservation and museum standard mount boards coupled with pH neutral tapes so that the artwork sits in a safe, acid free environment.

    • Window Mount
    • Float Mount
    • Pedestal Mount

    We have a state of the art computerised mount cutter and can produce 

    • Double Mounts
    • Extra Thick Mounts 
    • Multi-Aperture Mounts
    • Ovals and other more unusual shapes
    • V-grooves
  • Memorabilia


    We have framed all sorts of memorabilia. This includes rugby and football shirts, medals, dinner plates, jewellery, a feather, cymbals, lederhosen and more. 

    We can fit glass to both sides of the framed artwork, if required.  For example to show the information on both sides of a map or on the back of a plate.

    Memorabilia framing is something we enjoy and we relish the opportunity to experiment with new and imaginative ways of displaying your treasures.  We are happy to discuss your requirements and the options available.

  • Canvas and Textile | South Gate Gallery Exeter Devon 

    Canvas and Textile 

    We can work with almost any material based art, these are often tackled in one of two ways; Stretching or Hanging.  This is essentially a choice between having the image taut/flat or loose/informal, we are happy to advise on individual pieces.

    • Oils, Acrylics and Prints onto stretcher bars
    • Embroidery, Tapestry and X-stitch Stretching
    • Batiks
    • Silks
    • Clothing
  • Flattening and Affixing | South Gate Gallery Exeter Devon

    Flattening and Affixing

    We can stick all manner of images, usually paper based art, prints and photographs, onto a number of substrates using either a heated vacuum press or cold roller press. Substrates include conservation mount board, dry mount board, foam board, MDF, hardboard and acrylic.  Once mounted the surfaces can be protected by laminating or heat sealing.

    We recommend that this treatment is only applied to artwork that is replaceable as the processes involved are to all intents and purposes irreversible.  We will be happy to discuss the most suitable treatment for your artwork.

  • Glass | South Gate Gallery Exeter Devon


    We offer four main types of glass and a variety of other specialised glass, mirror or acrylic as required.

    • 2mm Float Glass – inexpensive top-quality float glass.
    • Anti-Reflective Glass – reduces reflections to less than 1% and provides a 70% protection against ultraviolet light.
    • Conservation Glass – provides the highest level of protection against ultraviolet light, blocks 98% of ultraviolet light rays.
    • Museum Glass – anti-reflective and conservation grade ultraviolet protection. Reduces reflections to less than 1% and blocks 98% of ultraviolet rays.