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Jenny Steer

Blacktailed Godwits in Flight

Blacktailed Godwits in Flight

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Title: Blacktailed Godwits in Flight

Artist: Jenny Steer

Size: 75.0cm x 55.0cm (Framed Size)

Type: Open Edition

Subject: Animals

Medium: Photograph

Mounted: No

Framed: Yes


From Jenny’s portfolio ‘On The Wing’, a colony of Blacktailed Godwits in Flight at RSPB  Bowling Green Marsh, Topsham in 2018. Printed on Fuji Museum Rough 300gm Fine Art Archival Paper and oak framed.


A migration is a seasonal movement of animals from one region to another. It is also a movement of people to a new area or country in order to find work or better living conditions. A movement from one part of something to another. I was intrigued by the implications of the word migration and its particular relevance to both man and bird.

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Jenny Steer

My background is in Graphic Design with a BA in French and Fine Art at the University of Exeter. NCTJ (National Council for Training of Journalists). Working as a freelance press photographer I have been published in The Times, Daily Express, The Mirror amongst other national and local magazines & publications.

I undertake press and PR work and shoot a limited number of weddings a year as an international award-winning photographer.

My passion is nature and animals. I love photographing all aspects of animal life and the environment. My art background definitely influences the way I see and capture images. I love the quirky and unusual. I find that when I have a camera in my hand things just happen! I try not to prejudge or pre-plan a photo shoot. Instead I allow events to unfold in a photojournalistic style – to tell a story. The ‘Day in the life” photographic essays will attempt to show the love between humans and non-humans.

I am currently working on a personal photographic project which is about my love and passion for Gulls.