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Rachael Bennett

Cosmos no 17

Cosmos no 17

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Title: Cosmos no 17

Artist: Rachael Bennett

Size: 100cm x 100cm

Type: Original

Subject: Abstract

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Mounted: No

Framed: No

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Rachael Bennett

I make paintings and drawings as an emotional and visual response to the natural world. My work is mixed media, semi abstract and focused on surface, texture and colour.

I see my paintings as an environment allowing imaginative connections and the ability for people to make their own personal interpretations.
I am interested in the link between physical form, story telling and change. I want the viewer to experience, for example, that psychological state of mind created at the moment between wakefulness and dreaming, that threshold liminal space where the alchemy can occur.

I paint and draw because I believe that the arts can communicate qualities and emotions that words alone cannot and I want to share this.

I look at landscapes, seascapes and the ever changing weather. The intimate landscape beneath my feet is just as engrossing as the grander view, and the interplay between the two, the near and the far, just as stimulating. With my painting, relationships between the materials used and image created is everything to me. One is responsible for the other, it is symbiotic. The resultant conversation is where the true dialogue can happen. This is the entry point, the place where the liminal experience is possible – this is the essence of my work.

My work starts with a precise idea of the emotional end point I want to achieve. However the making process is far from a clear or straightforward journey. After developing my initial concept - choosing a poem, visual reference, or emotional aspect I take photographs and make notes/drawings using words to consolidate my thoughts and desired outcome.
The actual process is often uncomfortable and meandering as I layer, strip down, wash off and rebuild until I achieve my conceived outcome - that moment does eventually appear and is unmistakable but getting there is always a learning experience.

People sometimes have strong reactions to my work, often on first sight my paintings appear a calm and tranquil surface, then I notice them step back and forward, trying not to touch surfaces, perhaps then taking time as they unravel the story and underlying energy. I like the resulting contrast and tension, leaving the decision to unravel or leave as mystery.

I have established representation in several galleries and take part in group and individual shows when opportunities occur. It is always an enormous pleasure when others connect with my work, through stories laughter and sometimes tears.