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Geoff Langan



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Title: Exeter (Black & White)

Artist: Geoff Langan

Size: 120cm x 52.5cm

Type: Original

Subject: Landscape

Medium: Photograph

Mounted: Digital Photograph printed on Polymeric Vinyl on a Three Layer Aluminium Panel with a Polyethylene Core.

Framed: No

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Geoff Langan

I am drawn to capturing urban and industrial landscapes. I shoot in a deliberately stylised way so I can give expression to subjects that are often overlooked.

It was different then.
I spent fifteen years working as a professional photographer from my studio in London. My work back then was mainly about people on the fringe of society. Photography allowed me to meet people who I would never encounter if I didn’t have a camera. I was published regularly in Marie Claire, Tatler, Maxim, Cosmopolitan and other weekend newspaper supplements.
Then I stopped. I gave it up, or to be honest, it gave me up. I went to university to study Counselling and then spent ten years working as a specialist Addiction Counsellor; alcohol, drugs and gambling. At the same time, I came to grips with my own addiction and, I am proud to say, I haven’t had a drink since 16th August 2007. Feel free to talk to me about it. It’s the best thing I have done for myself.

I photograph places; cities, industry and shipping. I hope my photographs will speak of what it is that demands my attention and conveys my affection.
I’m based in Bristol with my wife and two fantastic children…and a dog, two tortoises, various fish, two guinea pigs and a slow worm somewhere in the compost bin.