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Claire Durival



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Title: Jaguar

Artist: Claire Durival

Size: 55.0cm x 52.0cm (Framed Size)

Type: Original

Subject: Animals

Medium: Gouache

Mounted: Yes

Framed: Yes


Claire has recently discovered that working with Gouache on cardboard produces a really nice finish, she spends a long time hunting for the right quality of cardboard to use. She is working on a series of Big Cat portraits which are very eye catching, this is the Jaguar from this series. Jaguars are the third biggest cat after tigers and lions. This piece has been framed by us in a bespoke frame using anti reflective glass and looks stunning.

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Claire Durival

Painting has been an important part of my life since I was a child. Many decades later the joy and excitement remain intact each time I settle down with paint brushes, gouache, watercolour, acrylic, oil or pencil to start working on a new project. Recently I have discovered how gouache on cardboard work well together. Along with that discovery I am currently working on a series of Big Cat portraits.

Self-taught, I spent a year at the Arts Décoratifs of Limoges which didn’t fulfil my expectations and chose to carry on with my own artistic path.

Whether I undertake a new subject or discover and admire the talent and creativity of fellow artists, from the most notorious to the least known, art has been a source of immense pleasure and vivid emotions.

Born in Brittany in 1951 to a French father and British mother I spent my childhood in Morocco and Madagascar before returning to France in 1962. I visited many countries in my young adult life while working for Air France. I moved to England in 2013. Not exactly a local, but a Scottish great Grand-Father born in Sidmouth gives me a sense of belonging and I have happily settled in beautiful East Devon which I now call home.

Commissions are always an interesting challenge which I am happy to take on.