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Doug Gilding

Powderham Castle

Powderham Castle

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Title: Powderham Castle

Artist: Doug Gilding

Size: 65 cm x 54 cm

Type: Original

Subject: Devon

Medium: Oil

Mounted: No

Framed: Yes (Wood white frame)



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Doug Gilding

Doug Gilding is a largely self-taught artist who paints in Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour. He has lived in the South West for most of his life and enjoys the vast source of material that the region offers for his painting which is primarily as a landscape artist. He paints from images obtained whilst walking the local area and varies the painting media to both experience the different challenges that each presents and match the one to best convey the scene.

These works represent a view of the local landscapes derived over the past two years. Sometimes the sky and overarching view are the main reason for painting the scene. Other times it is the reflection of the landscape in water or the subject caught in clear summer conditions that gives a unique feel to the picture.