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Paul Fletcher

Small Aged Vessel

Small Aged Vessel

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Artist: Paul Fletcher

Size: 9cm high x 11cm diameter

Type: Original

Medium: Woodwork

Material: Native English Oak


Hand Crafted Woodwork - This piece is wet-turned oak which is then left to dry  and take on the shape naturally dictated by the wood. All finished with bees wax and mineral oil. 

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Paul Fletcher

Paul was born in Derbyshire but has lived in South Devon for the last 40 years with his wife, three grown up children and his dog Bailey.
He has worked in the construction industry for many years but has always had a love for working with wood. He has been wood turning for around ten years using traditional artisanal turning methods and locally sourced materials.
Paul works from his small workshop near his home and produces entirely individual and one-off pieces, each from a single piece of solid wood, in a variety of finishes and styles. Many of his pieces utilise root balls and tree burls which produce unique finished items with beautiful grain and markings. He also uses the natural bark edge to create stunning rustic decorative pieces.
Paul uses a wide variety of woods including Cherry, Holly, Oak, Sycamore, Ash, Yew and Leyland Cyprus, all of which are locally sourced. He finishes all his pieces with quality oils and waxes. He carefully hand crafts each item based on the starting piece of wood to best display its unique characteristics and features, whilst also looking to create aesthetically beautiful pieces.