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Sara Evans

The Fox & The Lamb

The Fox & The Lamb

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Title: The Fox & The Lamb

Artist: Sara Evans

Size: 22cm H x 14cm W x 15cm D

Type: Original

Subject: Sculpture

Medium: Stoneware Ceramic

From The Artist:

The idea behind these sculpture concerns the way we construct our realities through our experiences, education, socialization, and our individual cultural context of time and place. In the sculpture, the fox is assertive while the lamb looks smaller and vulnerable. There could be many interpretations as to natures of these two creatures and therefore as many of the meanings to the piece. I like to think it is fairly open-ended.

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Sara Evans

Life is full of contradictions and mixed emotions which I try to untangle with a dash of humour. I think that if people laugh, hopefully in recognition, they make a connection with me and what I am attempting to convey in my narrative sculptures.

The themes I gravitate towards have their roots in a childhood and early adulthood in South Africa. Having a Scottish mother, an Irish father, and a Welsh surname meant I often felt like an outsider in a deeply racist and sexist culture.

My undergraduate work focused on the highly problematic position of women in South African society. Some threads of those concerns remain in my work where I use animals as metaphors for perceived hierarchies which I like to prod.

I left South Africa in 1990 and after travel in Europe and a chequered career; I am finally able to focus on my sculpture. Following a PGCE at Exeter University, I worked in education teaching art and ceramics to a wide variety of students.

Now I teach far less but value the contact with students who work through their hopes and fears with clay in my ceramics studio in Devon, UK.