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Samantha Frances

Whispers of Flight: The Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly

Whispers of Flight: The Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly

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Title: Whispers of Flight: The Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly

Artist: Samantha Frances

Size: 53cm x 53cm (Framed Size)

Type: Original

Subject: Animals

Medium: Acrylic on linen

Mounted: Yes - Float Mounted

Framed: Yes - Black wooden frame

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Samantha Frances

Sammie, a contemporary abstract realism artist from the southwest of the UK, explores the essence of the natural world through her artistic expressions. Raised in a family deeply connected to the sea and nature, her upbringing fostered an enduring fascination with the coastline.

When not creating, Sammie can be found paddle boarding, wild swimming, and walking in nature with her loyal companion, Netty the Border Terrier.

"My art captures the mesmerising beauty of the natural world, with a focus on wildlife. Iues organic elements like feathers and shells as painting tools, this tactile connection enriches my artistic prectise and deepens my connection with nature. I explore the intricate interplay between colours, shadows, light and movement, aiming to breath life into my compositions.

Each piece I create is crafted to captivate viewers with refreshing engaging quality, harmonising effortlessly in both contemporary and traditional settings.

My passion for nature has seen me focus on the plight of some of the rarest and most vulnerable species, and through collaborations with likeminded organisations and charities, I continue to use my art to raise awareness for projects and missions around the globe"